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Book One

Global Governance by the Israeli Messiah

Volume One   Pamphlet 6
The Great Tribulation
written by Alex Rothschild

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Global Governance by the Israeli Messiah

Volume One   Pamphlet 6
The Great Tribulation   

See, the LORD is going to
lay waste the earth   
and devastate it;
he will ruin its face
and scatter its inhabitants—

The solemn events that begin
the Great Tribulation,
now, as presented by
teachers from Messianic Judaism,
comprise an era
when all prayerful, intelligent
Jewish and Christian people
can prepare,
and enjoy the role of
spectator instead of victim.
It is a privilege given to God's
Chosen Judeo-Christian People
to understand and prepare,
rather than suffer
confusion, fear, shock, and terror.

The earth will be
completely laid waste  
and totally plundered.   
The LORD has spoken   
this word.
ISAIAH 24:3  

There are readers of this
Scepter of Judah Literary Project
who make a mockery of
Fear of God;
they will accuse the few of us
of propagating
scare tactics.
But this is an era of true prophecy
when a few prophetic teachers
suffer obsessive concern for
the well-being and stability
of all who choose to listen to
those whom God has sent.

The earth is defiled by its people;
they have disobeyed the laws,
violated the statutes
and broken
the everlasting covenant.  

Those who listen to
Jonathan Cahn
author of
The Harbinger
know the folly of defiance
instead of the contrition
characteristic of humble servants
Fear of God
frees us from
repeating the same mistakes.
Our remorseful repentance,
our turning to the right,
our discontinuation of previous sin,
distinguishes us from those
who will suffer trauma
as revealed in the Prophet Isaiah's
Apocalyptic Chapter 24.

Therefore a curse   
consumes the earth;
its people must bear their guilt.
Therefore earth’s inhabitants
are burned up,   
and very few are left.

Deception would not be
unless it is deceiving;
the 1260 days, the 42 months
of post-war peace,
this era is the first half
of the Great Tribulation
followed by
the long-awaited era of
desolations and Armageddon.
As privileged spectators
we have to
1) Pray for Michael's protection
2) Read Bible prophecies
3) Store survival provisions
4) Donate blood and money
5) Abstain from all excesses
6) Obey the Proverbs of Solomon
7) Listen to Messianic Teachers

But I said, “I waste away,
I waste away!   
Woe to me!
The treacherous betray!
With treachery
the treacherous betray!”
Terror and pit and snare await you,
O people of the earth.
ISAIAH 24:16,17

Our confidence is in turning
to Almighty God Himself,
the Emmanuel of Israel,
the nations' Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ.
Our confidence is deepened by
progress in a sinless life,
going forward toward
in Millennial Civilization.
Our faith in God's goodness
is complemented by good works
worthy of repentance.

The floodgates of the heavens   
are opened,
the foundations of the earth shake.   
The earth is broken up,
the earth is split asunder,  
the earth is thoroughly shaken.
The earth reels like a drunkard,
it sways like a hut in the wind;
so heavy upon it is the guilt
of its rebellion
that it falls—
never to rise again.  
ISAIAH 24:18-20

As In The Days of Noah
we cannot contemplate enough
our need for sanctification,
our need for separation
from the grosser behaviors
that cause the activation of
the wrath of the Spirit.
When we are no longer
self-indulgent in vice behaviors,
when we congregate with
saintly people,
when we refuse to participate with
those who corrupt good behavior
by their sexual promiscuity,
their substance abuses,
their drunkenness,
and their premeditated felonies,
we attract Divine Protection,
and our survivable empowerment
becomes a proactive confidence.

In that day   
the LORD will punish    
the powers in the heavens above
and the kings on the earth below.
ISAIAH 24:21

The Day of the Lord . . .
In that Day . . .
On that Day . . .
The Jewish prophets of Israel
use these three expressions
about 113 times in our Holy Bible.
A few Messianic Jewish teachers,
namely Dr. Jeffrey L. Seif,
Dr. Michael L. Brown,
Dr. Mitch Glaser,
Jonathan Cahn,
and Joel C. Rosenberg
are sent by Messiah Emmanuel
to guide
the beloved Chosen People
of Judeo-Christianity.
The Day of the Lord
is now upon us all . . .
from the 1948 War of Independence
to the Battle of Armageddon,
eighty years of patient endurance
will have brought us to
the Obedience of the Nations,
inspired people streaming to Zion,
to the City of David,
to Jerusalem,
the Capital of the State of Israel.

end pamphlet 6

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